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I've been banned...

2011-07-20 23:05:44 by shrimpchris

I can't believe it... Oh well, I don't think it was fair since I wasn't the one to bump the 9 year old thread, but at least the ban wasn't too long.
Curse you reverend!!!
I'll just hang around the flash portal I guess.

I've been banned...


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2011-07-21 22:51:20

you deserved it faggot


2011-07-22 22:28:28

because I can :p

shrimpchris responds:

I could swear that the name in the first comment changed. Hmmm... Mindfuck?


2011-07-25 13:24:45

I didn't see the thread, but judging from the title "Last Person to posts here wins" shows that it was just a senseless forum game that holds no discussion value. So the reason for the ban should be "posting in a spam thread". The ban was justified.


2011-07-26 01:45:28

His old username was Alex123510945 or some shit like that.

shrimpchris responds:

Alex12345296 I think. And thanks, I didn't notice that he got a name change.


2011-07-29 15:19:35

i'm not sure why users can get banned for posting Topics from past years

shrimpchris responds:

Well, Newgrundling bumped a crap topic(a forum game at that) that hadn't been posted in for 9 years without a good reason, then a bunch of people started playing the forum game and I asked why it wasn't locked 9 years ago. The mod who finally locked it just banned everyone I guess.


2011-07-31 01:01:44

You sir, have a FlutterShy sig. Therefore, you are cool.

shrimpchris responds:

Why, thank you!